How to Replace an Eaton Power Divider

by Alexander Gokhfeld
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The Eaton power divider differential is used to divide the power between the front and rear axle equally. The full locking power divider provides maximum traction and improved ability to drive over slippery and uneven surfaces. Regularly scheduled inspections of the differential help to check the condition of the power divider. The power divider can be replaced with the axle assembly in or out of chassis, and with differential carrier assembled to the axle housing.

Step 1

Fasten the chain hoist to the input yoke of the axle assembly to remove the power divider. Disconnect the main driveline.

Step 2

Loosen the input yoke nut and disconnect the lockout air line. Place the drain pan under the power divider cover. Remove cover cap screws and lock washers and remove the power divider assembly.

Step 3

Push out the back of the input yoke to detach cover from the differential carrier. Drain the lube.

Step 4

Pull off the power divider assembly until it is free of the carrier and then remove the assembly.

Step 5

Disconnect the inter-axle driveline. Remove the nut and flat washer, if the compression spring and thrust button are mounted between the input shaft and output shaft and then remove the output shaft yoke. Pull the output shaft assembly out of the carrier.

Step 6

Lubricate the "O" rings and then install the shaft assembly in the differential carrier and the housing cover. Lubricate seal lip. Install the yoke, flat washer and the nut.

Step 7

Install the assembly on the output shaft side gear. Put the silicone rubber gasket compound on differential carrier mating surface and wait for 20 minutes.

Step 8

Install the power divider cover, cap screws and lock washers. Check the shaft end play with the dial indicator. Adjust the end play if necessary.

Step 9

Connect the drivelines. Connect the lockout air line. Fill the axle to the proper lube level.

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