My Keyless Entry Won't Work After a Battery Replacement

by Tiffany Raiford
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Putting new batteries in your keyless entry remote is the most common fix for broken keyless entry remotes. Oftentimes, the only problem with the remote is the battery, and for a few dollars the problem is easily fixed. Unfortunately, there are times when replacing the battery doesn't fix your keyless remote. Before you make an appointment for expensive repairs, try a few do-it-yourself remedies at home to repair your keyless entry remote.

Step 1

Recharge the power in your keyless entry. Get in your car and go for a drive. It doesn't have to be a long drive, though the longer the drive, the more time your keyless entry remote has to recharge. Having your keys in the ignition with the car running recharges the remote's power.

Step 2

Reprogram your keyless entry remote. Technical issues in your car sometimes create problems with the programmed signal between your car and the keyless entry remote.

Step 3

Turn the ignition of your car on and off eight times in 10 seconds. This rapid on-and-off starting and stopping of your car reprograms the signal between your keyless entry remote and your car's computer.

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