Kenworth W900 Specifications

by Molly Park
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When you want to purchase a truck cab for an 18-wheeler, you are looking at a large investment. The Kenworth Truck Company has been building heavy- and medium-duty trucks since 1923, one of which is the W900. To understand how the W900 is different from other cabs in its class, review its specifications like size and power capabilities.


When you are going the distance, your radiator can become one of the most important parts of your truck. Depending on the type of load you intend to carry, the W900 comes with three radiator sizes: 950, 1,200 and 1,430 square inches.


You can customize your engine size as well to match the weight of freight and the average distance you or your driver will go. Kenworth can install engines from 9-liter to 15-liter, up to a capacity of 600 horsepower.


The available BBC (bumper to back-of-cab) for this model is 121 inches (around 10 feet) to 130 inches (nearly 11 feet). If you choose the 130-in. length, you have the option of a long-hood for the front of your cab as well. You can also adjust the wheelbase in one-inch increments.


Customize your axles to fit your load by choosing from 12,000 to 22,000 pound (lb.) ratings in the front, and 23,000-lb. single to 58,000-lb. tandems in the back. The front axles are set forward under a sloped hood to accommodate the Bridge Formula construction of the front of the cab.


The portion of the cab where the driver rests, called the "sleeper," is available in four sizes. Smaller cabs can support the 42-inch Modular FlatTop. If you are looking for a larger sleeping area, the AeroCab FlatTop in 38-inch, 62-inch and 72-inches or the AeroCab AERODYNE in 62-inch and 72-inch sizes is ideal. The largest sleeper you can add to the W900 is the 86-inch Studio AeroCab.

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