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Keeping bugs from ruining the look of your brand-new car can be quite a nuisance. Bugs are a problem in every climate and region, but they pose specific problems for an RV owner. The sheer amount of time spent on the road and the wide variety of bug habitats visited can leave your RV's front looking like an entymology project! When it comes to battling the bugs, the best defense is a good offense. Several products that help to repel bugs and make their removal easier are discussed below.

Cover it. One method of keeping bugs from ruining the front of your RV is to protect it with a cover. There are items available specifically for this purpose that are sold under many names, including "bra," "mask" and "bug shield." These covers simply fit over the front of your vehicle and protect it from the bugs. Once the cover gets dirty, simply throw it in the wash. Check with your RV's manufacturer or with a local auto supply store to see if one is available to fit your RV. If not, try a custom shop. They might be able to design a bug shield specifically for you.

Wax it. Keeping a fresh coat of wax on your RV is a good way to keep bugs at bay. The slick surface provided by car wax makes it difficult for the bugs to stick. The few that do can be easily removed. RejeX is a relatively new product on the market that is wax designed specifically for repelling bugs. You can also try RainX. While RainX is designed to help your windshield repel water, it also is reputed to repel bugs. Apply RainX all over the RV, windshield and front included, as a substitute for wax. Be cautioned that once you apply RainX to your windshield, you will need to do it forever, or live with the filmy appearance that develops after the application wears off.

Spray it. No time to wax? Try spraying the front of the RV with some WD 40. Whatever properties it possesses that stop doors from creaking also seem to stop dead bugs from sticking to vehicles. Another double-duty product that works is a cooking spray, such as Pam. Just as it helps keep your muffins from sticking to the pan, it will keep bugs from lodging into your grille.

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