Kawasaki Mojave Specs

by Lars Tramilton
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The Kawasaki Mojave is the name of an ATV (all terrain vehicle) manufactured by the Kawasaki Motors Corporation. The Kawasaki Mojave is an adult-sized sport ATV beneficial for those who enjoy sport riding. The ATV is notable for its signature bright, lime-green color. The Kawasaki Mojave was introduced in 1987 and ceased production in 2003.


The Kawasaki Mojave has a compact, single-cylinder internal combustion engine, which allows the cooling process to be quicker compared to engines that have more than one cylinder. The liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine calls for the completion of four strokes (intake, power, exhaust and compression strokes) in order to finish up full cycles. The Kawasaki Mojave has a DOHC (double overhead cam) layout. The displacement of the engine, which is the volume of its cylinder, is 249 cubic centimeters. The compression ratio of the ATV is 11.0:1. The ATV has a manual, five-speed transmission.


The Kawasaki Mojave's front brakes are triple-hydraulic dual-disc brakes while the rear brakes are also disc brakes. Disc brakes are necessary for preventing the wheels from rotating and also for forcing the wheels to rotate at a significantly slower speed. Disc-brake systems consist of basic components such as calipers, pistons, brake pads and rotors, all of which work to create the friction necessary to cease or slow down the rotation.


The Kawasaki Mojave's front suspension features double A-arms (also known as double wishbone suspension) and two shock absorbers while the rear suspension has a single swing arm with one shock absorber.


The Kawasaki Mojave's dry weight is 79 lb. Dry weight is not inclusive of any equipment or fuel weight. The overall length and width of the Kawasaki Mojave is 68 inches and 43 inches, respectively. The seat height of the ATV is 30 inches. The wheelbase, which measures the space between the middle of the front and rear wheels, is just over 44 inches. The ATV has a capacity for slightly over two gallons of fuel.

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