Installing an ATV Snow Plow

by Steve Smith

Attach the Plow Bracket

All ATV snow plows are attached the frame of the ATV. This provides the best leverage and more power when moving snow. To mount or install an ATV snow plow, first lift your ATV using a jack or car lift. Attach the mounting bracket to the frame of the ATV forward near the front axle. Most kits are made for specific types of ATVs; however, you may need to work or adjust a kit that is made for a similar model than the one you have. Find a suitable area that leaves enough ground clearance and gives you suitable access to the plow mount.

Mounting the Plow Bracket

Attach the plow bracket to your ATV using the supplied hardware in your kit. The bracket will secure to the frame bars with locking bolts and other additional brackets for a particular make or model ATV. C-bolts, metal strapping and bracing can also be used to secure your mounting kit to your frame, if necessary. For most every installation, all the required hardware is supplied by the manufacturer of the mounting kit.

Installing the Plow

The next step is to install the plow to the mount. In WARN mount kits, a "quick release" feature is available. This allows you to move the entire plow arm and plow to another ATV with the same mounting bracket installed. In this case, the mounting arm of the plow is set up against the quick release. The lever is depressed, and the mounting arms are snapped into place. With other kits, no quick release feature is available. Set the plow arm directly into the mounting bracket, and slide the attachment bolt or cotter pin into place.

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