Installation Instructions for a Snugtop Lid

by Sarah Davis
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A Snugtop lid is a truck bed tonneau cover that is used to weatherproof the bed. You can install a lid at home with the correct tools and materials. They are attached to the bed rails of a truck and completely cover the bed. Weatherproof bed tape is used to make a seal between the bed rails and Snugtop lid rails. The cover uses shocks on each side to open the lid. Snugtop lid installation is a two-person task.

Step 1

Wipe the bed rails with an alcohol wipe. The alcohol will clean the surface of the rails for better adhesion. Wipe the rails of the Snugtop lid with an alcohol wipe.

Step 2

Apply the 1 1/2-inch bed tape to the four sides of the bed rails and to the rails of the Snugtop lid. Remove the white paper backing from the exposed side of the tape.

Step 3

Set the Snugtop lid in place, so the bed tape on the bed and lid rails match up. After you think you have it in place, check to make sure the tailgate opens and closes without touching the lid.

Step 4

Use the C-clamps to attach the Snugtop lid to the bed rails. Get inside the bed of the truck, under the lid. Place a C-clamp in the corner of the bed, where the bed rail and lid rails meet. Tighten the C-clamp with the ratchet and 9/16-inch ratchet bit. Repeat for the other three corners of the bed.

Step 5

Raise the Snugtop lid and connect the shocks that are on each side under the lid to the shock clamps that are attached to the lid rail. They will snap right in.

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