How to Install a Water Pump in a Chrysler Sebring

by Editorial Team

As your Sebring nears the 90,000 mile mark (60,000 miles for those made before 1989), Chrysler recommends you replace the timing belt and water pump or damage to the car may result. The timing belt uses the water pump as a pulley, so you should change the two parts simultaneously. With a little mechanical knowledge and the right tools and replacement parts, installing a new water pump isn't too difficult.

Remove the Old Pump

Step 1

Uncouple the negative battery cable, by using a screwdriver to unscrew the clamp that secures the cable to the negative (-) post. Pull the cable away from the battery.

Step 2

Jack up the front end of the Chrysler Sebring. Secure it with automotive jack stands. Release the pressure in the radiator by unscrewing the cap. Twist off the drain plug located underneath the radiator and catch the coolant in a resealable container.

Step 3

Use an adjustable wrench to remove or disconnect the engine components in front of the water pump in the following order: inner splash shield, accessory drive belts, right motor mount, power steering pump bracket bolt (set aside, don't disconnect completely), right engine mount bracket, timing front covers, timing belt tensioner and timing belt (just loosen tensioner screws), cam sprockets and rear timing belt cover.

Step 4

Disconnect the water pump located on the cylinder block of the Chrysler Sebring. Remove the water pump from the engine and the o-ring from the groove that held the pump. Clean off the groove and mounting area with a shop rag.

Install the Old Pump

Step 1

Spread high temperature automotive sealant onto the new water pump, in a position that coordinates to the o-ring groove. Position the o-ring over the sealant on the pump and hold it in place as you mount the new water pump on the side of the Chrysler Sebring's engine.

Step 2

Insert the new bolts into the holes. Tighten the bolts with a torque wrench, in any order using 105 inch pounds of torque.

Step 3

Re-install the rest of the parts in the order you took them off the Chrysler Sebring. Replace any parts that appear worn or damaged, if needed.

Step 4

Reconnect the drain plug to the bottom of the radiator. Refill the radiator with the type and amount of coolant specified in your owner's manual. Replace the radiator's cap.

Step 5

Release the jack stands and lower the jack. Start the engine and check for leaks. Then close the hood.

Step 6

Dispose of the drained coolant. The old radiator fluid is a hazardous material. You may need to contact your local sanitation department for disposal options.

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