How to Install a Voltage Reducer on a Golf Cart

by Sarka-Jonae Miller

Most golf carts emit 36 or 48 volts. A voltage reducer allows the voltage from the entire battery to be reduced to 12 volts. This allows the electrical load that comes from accessories to be evenly taken from each of the six batteries. Otherwise, there will likely be burnouts, and accessories such as radios might cut out every time the engine is turned on.

How to Install a Voltage Reducer

Step 1

The batteries are located under the seat. Lift the seat cushion to expose the batteries. There should be six batteries.

Step 2

Disconnect a terminal to break the circuit.

Step 3

Connect the voltage reducer's B- terminal to the negative terminal on battery one.

Step 4

Connect the voltage reducer's +12V terminal to the accessory's hot wire (positive, probably red). The accessory could be a light or a radio.

Step 5

Connect the voltage reducer's -12V terminal to the accessory's ground wire (negative, probably black).

Step 6

Mount the voltage reducer in the dash area of the cart.

Reconnect the initial terminal and reattach the seat cushion.


  • Invest the extra money to get a heavy-duty voltage reducer if you want to have a radio. The word "hot" means a positive terminal and "ground" means a negative terminal.


  • If you do not know a lot about electricity, have a friend that does or a professional electrician help you. A wrong move can be dangerous.

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