How to Install the Ultraguard Mud Flap

by Salvatore Jackson

Ultra Guard mud flaps are full length mud flaps designed for RVs, motor homes or large pickup trucks. These devices prevent road spray from gathering underneath the rear bumper, reducing the risk of rusting to the undercarriage of your vehicle. By reducing the amount of road spray, Ultra Guard mud flaps prevent disruption to vehicles driving behind your RV or motor home in inclement weather. Installing a set of these mud flaps is a relatively simple process.

Step 1

Choose a mounting point for the mud flaps. Underneath the rear of your vehicle, there will be a solid sheet of metal where you can attach them. Most RV and motor home manufacturers will pre-drill holes in this metal section to simplify attaching mud flaps. Be sure that the mounting point does not interfere with your vehicle's exhaust or suspension.

Step 2

Measure the distance between the mounting point and the ground. Ultra Guard recommends a minimum of 4" between the bottom of the mud flap and the ground, to allow for bumps in the road. If your mud flaps are too long, you may need to exchange them for a smaller size or cut them down with a saw.

Step 3

Mark and drill holes in the metal section matching the pre-drilled holes in the mud flaps.

Step 4

Attach the mud flaps using bolts and screws. Use a washer to secure the drilled hole in the mud flap. Place the bolt through the washer and faster on a nut to secure it. Do this for all of the pre-drilled holes.

Step 5

Ensure that your mud flaps are securely fastened. Your mud flaps should be at least 4" off of the ground and be able to swing freely.

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