How to Install Remote Start in a Chrysler PT Cruiser

by Travis Corkery

Along with remote starting capabilities, most modern auto starts give users the options of keyless entry, security, anti-grind, trunk pop and a number of additional features. Chrysler PT Cruisers, like many newer cars, may be equipped with ignition immobilizers that require bypassing to successfully start remotely. On models made prior to 2005, immobilizer equipped models come with two gray keys. On 2005 and newer models, immobilizer equipped models are equipped with keyless entry built into the key. Be sure to check your vehicle prior to the installation.

Remove the vehicle's under-dash panel to access the main ignition wires. You will find the ignition, second ignition, accessory and starter wires in a harness running down from the ignition switch. On certain models, the brake wire is also in this harness. If you do not see the brake wire, then look for it at the switch.

Remove the driver's kick panel and locate the vehicle's parking light wire. This wire will go from zero to 12 volts when the parking lights are on, and will not change voltage when the vehicle's dimmer switch is turned from low to high. Scrape some paint from the metal in the kick panel. This is where you will ground your unit.

Use wire strippers to remove an inch of insulation from each wire. Attach the appropriate wire from the wire harness supplied with the remote starter. Solder all necessary connections and insulate with electrical tape. Attach the starter's ground wire to the bare metal in the kick panel area with a ring terminal and self-tapping screw.

Drill a hole in the firewall using a 1/2-inch drill bit. Run the remote starter's tach and hood pin wires through the firewall and into the engine compartment. Find a good location to mount the remote starter's hood pin and drill a whole with a 5/16-inch drill bit. Locate the vehicle's tach wire and attach the remote starter's tach wire to it with solder and electrical tape. Route the supplied remote start antenna to the starter.

Program the remote start and test it. Secure the remote start unit to the vehicle using nylon wire ties.


  • check Some PT Cruisers require an additional module to interface the vehicle's lock/unlock functions. Some PT cruisers are equipped with factory security systems that must be disarmed before starting. Test for this prior to installation. For maximum range, mount the remote start antenna near the rear view mirror in the center of the windshield.


  • close Use caution when drilling through a vehicle's firewall. When running wires through a firewall, always insulate the hole with a plastic grommet.

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