How to Install a Spoiler

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Adding a spoiler to your vehicle is a relatively simple way to customize it. If you have basic mechanical skills, you can install it yourself. There are many designs and shapes to spoilers. Be sure to get one that fits the trunk of your car.

Measure the length and width of the trunk lid. Take into consideration the brace structure on the underside of the lid to help you determine where to install the spoiler.

Purchase the spoiler. Be sure to get one made for your car. Take your measurements with you to make sure the spoiler does actually fit where you intend to install it.

Put the spoiler wing brackets together. Carefully tighten all the bolts that hold the spoiler to the brackets.

Mark the holes on the outside of the trunk where you intend to install the spoiler. Make sure you have the spoiler pointing in the right direction.

Drill holes through the top sheet metal of the trunk and the metal underside. Start with a smaller hole than necessary. Progressive drill larger holes until you have a large enough hole for the bolts to pass through. Vacuum the scraps from the trunk when you finish this step.

Smooth the insides of the holes with a hand tool equipped with a small sander. Paint the inside of the holes with touch-up paint to keep rust from forming.

Attach the spoiler to the trunk with the help of a friend. Be sure to put the washers in place before your tighten the bolts. The spoiler should not be loose. Make sure all the bolts have equal pressure on them.


  • check Depending on the spoiler you purchase, you may or may not have to paint it.

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