How to Paint a Car Spoiler

by Jenny Carver
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A car spoiler is an accessory that sits on the rear of the car, most often on the lid of the trunk. Car spoilers are sometimes called wings. Spoilers that are attached to a car right from the manufacturer are usually painted to match the car. Spoilers that are purchased as aftermarket accessories can be purchased raw, meaning with no paint or primer, or prepped, meaning they are primed and ready to paint or painted. Learn how to paint a car spoiler because most spoilers are purchased raw.

Step 1

Lay the spoiler on a flat surface, like a tabletop or concrete. Use the 200-grit sandpaper to evenly sand the entire spoiler. Use your hand against the sandpaper, not an air sander or sanding block.

Step 2

Straighten a wire hanger and make a small hook on one end. Place the hook inside a bolt hole of the spoiler. Hang the wire from a high position, like a rafter inside a garage or a tree limb. This makes all areas of the spoiler accessible for paint, but also keeps it from touching the ground. Twist masking tape and place it inside each bolt and screw hole so they don't get clogged with primer and paint.

Step 3

Twist masking tape and place it inside each bolt and screw hole so they don't get clogged with primer and paint. Wipe the spoiler with wax and grease remover using a microfiber towel. This removes the sanding dust and grease and oil from your hand prints.

Step 4

Spray a coat of primer on the spoiler. Allow it to dry a full hour. Remove the spoiler from the wire hook and place it on a flat surface. Place newspaper to act as a cushion under the areas that are sitting on the surface.

Step 5

Use the 300-grit sandpaper to lightly and evenly sand the entire spoiler, smoothing the coat of primer. Make sure you don't sand completely through the layer of primer. Sanding through the primer in a few places is okay. Hang the spoiler and wipe it with wax and grease remover again.

Step 6

Spray a thin coat of paint on the entire surface of the spoiler. Wait 15 to 30 minutes and then spray another thin coat of paint. A total of three or four coats may be used.

Step 7

Apply two or three coats of clear coat paint on the spoiler. Remove the tape from the bolt holes. Allow the spoiler to dry completely for several hours, before installing it on a car.

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