How to Install a Serpentine Belt on a 1993 Chevy Truck

by Chris Passas

The serpentine belt on a 1993 Chevy is a ribbed belt that drives several of the engine's peripheral devices, such as the air-conditioning compressor, the alternator, and the separate pumps for power steering and coolant. Replacing the serpentine belt can be difficult for those new to do-it-yourself auto repair, but the auto-adjusting belt tension system and convenient belt routing diagram printed near the radiator make this an encouraging challenge.

Step 1

Refer to the serpentine belt routing diagram printed near the radiator, and locate the tensioner pulley. It is usually located on the passenger side of the engine. For Chevy models without the routing diagram on the radiator support, refer to the owner's manual for proper routing of the serpentine belt. Some Chevy models may also require removal of the air intake duct so you can access the tensioner pulley.

Step 2

Feel the tension on the old serpentine belt to understand how much to tighten the new belt once it is fit into place.

Step 3

Fit the ratchet into the hole on the tensioner pulley. Push down to release tension on the serpentine belt. Slide the serpentine belt off not only the tensioner pulley, but all other pulleys on its course.

Step 4

Refer to the routing diagram on the radiator support or in the owner's manual to install the new serpentine belt. Each rib of the belt must fit into a groove on the pulley, otherwise the belt will tear during operation and continue tearing until it snaps. Improper installation also results in an overheated engine due to loss of power steering, stalled circulation of coolant within the water pump, and the inability of the alternator to charge the battery. Driving under such a condition is possible but dangerous; be careful when installing the new belt to avoid missing any groovers.

Step 5

Use the ratchet wrench to rotate the tensioner pulley and wind the new serpentine belt into place. Feel the serpentine belt for the correct tension and double check that each groove of the belt is in place on the pulley.

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