How to Install a Scion XB Stereo

by Jule Pamplin

Scion was created to appeal to younger North American drivers. With those Generation Y consumers in mind, Scion automobiles were made with aftermarket customization in mind. One favorite form of aftermarket upgrading is the replacement of stock stereos for custom in-dash systems. Installing a new deck in your Scion XB takes a few simple steps with common tools.

Disconnect the grounding wire (the black one) connecting your Scion battery to the vehicle's frame. Remove the dashboard trim framing the air conditioning controls and vents, which house the stereo.

Removing the trim takes first pulling the AC control knobs off. Once the knobs are removed, unscrew the screws behind the controls. Unscrew the four screws (two on each side) holding the stereo in place. Slide the stereo forward enough to disconnect the wiring at the rear of the stereo deck.

Connect the wiring (positive, negative, and antenna) to the new stereo. Slide the new deck into place and replace the screws. Re-attach the dashboard trim and screw the screws to secure the trim. Replace the knobs for AC control. Reattach the grounding wire on the Scion battery.


  • check To pull the dashboard frame off revealing the stereo, putting the AC vents in the downward position makes for a better grip.

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