How to Install a New Cigarette Lighter in a Car

by Greyson Ferguson

Most cars produced now days no longer have an actual cigarette lighter inside of the car. The port the lighter uses can still be found in all modern models, but these are now used to power electronic devices. Even if you have an older vehicle you may have burned out the cigarette lighter. If you tend to smoke in your car you may want to look into installing a new cigarette lighter in your vehicle.

Step 1

Place the key to your vehicle in the ignition and power on the vehicle. You do not need to start up the ignition, but at least turn the key far enough to start up your radio and power up the windows.

Step 2

Place an electrical device that uses the lighter charger into the charger to make sure it still works properly. It is possible to accidentally blow out the charger if you have extracted too much power from it at one give point.

Step 3

Pick up a replacement cigarette lighter. These can be purchased at most automotive stores such as AutoZone or Pep Boys. All cars use the same size so there is no need to measure the size of your power port.

Step 4

Place the cigarette lighter into the power point. When you want to charge the cigarette lighter press it down completely. Once the lighter is hot enough it is going to pop out. Hold your cigarette against the hot tip for a moment to light the cigarette.

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