How to Install Nerf Bars

by Justin Obrien

There are many additions you can add to your truck, some for extra flair and some for functionality. An addition to your truck that will add some flash as well as make getting into and out of your truck easier, is the addition of nerf bars. Nerf bars are chrome pipes that are positioned below the body of your truck under each door, they allow you to take two steps to get into your truck rather than just one large step that can be hard for some people. Installing nerf bars only takes a few steps and tools and can easily be done in your own garage.

Unscrew the two body mount bolts from each side of the truck. These bolts are located under the front part of the doors and under the rear part of the cab, before the box of your truck. The bolt will have a large rubber washer on it.

Place each bolt through the bracket that came with the nerf bars.

Place the rubber washer between the bracket and the truck body.

Screw the bolts back into place and make sure the brackets are facing outward.

Hold the nerf bar to the brackets. Have a friend screw in each end of the nerf bar to the brackets.


  • close Wear protective eyewear and gloves, as dirt may get in your eyes and you may scratch you hands on metal under the truck.

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