How to Install a LeSabre Harmonic Balancer 3.8L

by James Marshall

The Buick LeSabre was a full-size car throughout its production from 1959 to 2005. The last version included the 2000 through 2005 models, which were only available with a 3.8-liter engine. These cars have a harmonic balancer, or crankshaft balancer, installed on the crankshaft to minimize the vibrations caused by its spinning. The crankshaft balancer in a Buick LeSabre is an integrated part of the crankshaft pulley, so you should not attempt to separate the two components.


Remove the negative battery cable with a socket wrench to prevent the engine from starting accidentally. Detach the accessory drive belt from the crankshaft pulley.


Raise the vehicle with a floor jack, and support it on jack stands. Remove the right front wheel with a lug wrench.


Hold the flywheel in place with flywheel locking tool "J-37096". Disconnect the mounting bolt for the crankshaft with a socket wrench.


Mount the balancer remover "J-38107-A" to the crankshaft balancer, and fasten 1/4-inch bolts to the pulley. Tighten the bolts with a socket wrench to remove the balancer from the crankshaft.


Coat the sealing surface of the crankshaft balancer with a light layer of engine oil. Mount the balancer onto the crankshaft, and hold the flywheel in place with flywheel locking tool "J-37096". Tighten the mounting bolt for the crankshaft balancer to 111 foot-pounds with a torque wrench. Tighten the bolt another 76 degrees with a socket wrench.


Replace the right front wheel with a lug wrench, and lower the vehicle. Attach the drive belt to the crankshaft pulley and connect the cable to the negative terminal of the battery.

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