How to Install a GPS Car Navigation System

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Monitor-based GPS systems are too complicated to install yourself. The savvy do-it-yourselfer can install simpler models, however, such as the Eclipse Commander.

Gather the following tools: drill, screw bit, screwdriver, wire strippers, crimps, solder, and a solder gun.

Read the installation instructions that come with the product.

Mount the CPU to a secure surface under the dash.

Install the CD player. See "How to Install a Car Stereo."

Plug a cable into the CPU and the CD player. Each item has dedicated terminals for the plug-in.

Mount the GPS antenna in the corner of the dashboard, up against the windshield. The proper location of the antenna is essential.

Plug the GPS antenna cable into the CPU.

Mount the microphone on the ceiling of the car near the rearview mirror.

Connect the microphone to the CPU using the cable provided.

Read instructions on how to program the system, then program it.


  • close Eclipse warns that it will void the warranty of any system installed by a do-it-yourself consumer or installer from an unauthorized dealer.

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