How to Install a Fuel Filter in a Golf Cart

by Nicole Desrosiers
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A golf cart is an efficient mode of transportation -- not only on golf courses but around rural and beach communities as well. A well-kept golf cart can last many years and only requires minimal upkeep. When you perform maintenance on your gas-powered golf cart, it's important to install a new fuel filter regularly.

Step 1

Release the pressure on the fuel lines to prevent fire. Locate the golf cart's fuse box and unplug the fuse associated with the fuel filter; check your owner's manual. This will prevent gasoline from causing a fire hazardous situation.

Step 2

Locate the fuel filter. The fuel filter is not immediately exposed and will require some maneuvering to get to. Use your owner's manual to find where the filter is located.

Step 3

Disconnect hoses to expose the fuel filter. To gain access to the fuel filter, you must disconnect a number of hoses that cover it. The three hoses that need to be removed are all related to the fuel tank; known as the supply line, the fuel line and the vent line. Use your wrench to loosen and temporarily disconnect these hoses.

Step 4

Remove the old filter. If you removed the correct hoses, the golf cart's fuel filter should be easily seen somewhere near the opening of the fuel tank. These filters are held in place with a sturdy variety of clamp screws; remove screws using a flat-head screwdriver. Dispose of the old filter in the proper waste receptacle.

Step 5

Insert the new filter. Place the new filter in same position and use your screwdriver to secure the filter in place.

Step 6

Return your cart to working order. Use your wrench to reattach the supply, fuel and vent line hoses. Finish this process by reconnecting the fuse to the fuel filter.

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