How to Install a Ford Taurus Wiper Motor

by Alibaster Smith

The Ford Taurus wiper motor does not have an official service life. However, if you use your wipers extensively, you may notice the motor slowing down or straining during operation. This is a clear indication that the motor is ready to fail. Replacement motors can be purchased from any auto parts store or from a Ford dealership. You will need to know the year of your Taurus to make sure you get the correct motor. Once the old motor has been removed, you need to install the new motor.

Align the mounting holes on the wiper motor with the mounting holes on the firewall. Make sure that the wiper motor is oriented so that the wiper pivot arm can be connected to the wiper motor.

Thread and tighten the bolts to secure the wiper motor to the firewall.

Align the mounting hole on the pivot arm with the mounting hole on the wiper motor.

Thread the mounting bolt to connect the pivot arm to the wiper motor.

Connect the electrical plug to the wiper motor.

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