How to Install a Dorman Split CV Boot

by Daniel Sutherland

You wash your car one day and notice grease splattered all over inside the wheel well. Naturally, this is a problem. A torn CV boot makes a mess, and will inevitably cause failure of the CV joint, which is responsible for transmitting power to the driving wheels. Someone may have recommended purchasing a "Dorman Split Boot," but when you get it, you realize you have no idea what to do with it. Fortunately, installing a split CV boot isn't the daunting task it might seem, so roll up your sleeves and go for it.

Installing Your Dorman Split Boot

Step 1

Jack up the vehicle and support it with a jack stand.

Step 2

Remove anything that is left of the old CV boot. Loosen the clamps holding it in place with a screwdriver or wrench of the appropriate size and move them out of the way.

Step 3

Use parts cleaner or degreaser to clean any old grease from the CV joint. Pack new grease into the CV joint.

Step 4

Slide the Dorman split boot over the CV joint. Apply the sealant (supplied with the part) to both halves of the split boot. Press the boot together, and then allow the sealant to cure. You will have to wait at least half an hour depending on the type of sealant.

Step 5

Slide the clamps over the ends of your brand new CV boot. Fasten them down.

Step 6

Drive your repaired care somewhere beautiful to celebrate your accomplishment.

Step 7

Follow the above instructions for bolt-together boots, up to the point at which directions for sealant are given (Step 4).

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