How to Install a Convertible Top on a 2003 Sebring

by Qyou Stoval

If a replacement convertible top for your 2003 Sebring is not installed correctly, the fabric may rip or the metal supports may become damaged. The convertible top can be purchased from online convertible top manufacturers or through your local Chrysler dealer. Like other auto repair duties, installing a convertible top requires patience and extreme care; this will prevent you from spending additional money on repairs by having to purchase another top or frame.

Remove the front- and rear-side weather strip retainers, using a Phillips-head screwdriver. The three screws are located towards the back of the convertible; they will be adhered with double-sided tape. Gently remove the retainers from the top frame and repeat this step on the other side of the convertible frame.

Remove the convertible top by going towards the front of the sail panel and inserting a screwdriver under the cloth material in order to loosen it from the frame. Repeat for both sides of the Sebring.

Put the top in the "Down" position and make sure the trunk is protected with thick fabric or soft cushioning, as the frame can scratch the truck's surface. Remove the convertible top's front metal retainer, as well as its plastic fascia. The front metal retainer will be positioned slightly over the trunk. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the screws.

Attach the front of the new convertible top to the header bow and screw it in with the same screws from the old top.

Attach the second portion of the convertible top to the intermediate listings, which are located towards the middle of the Sebring. Depending on the convertible top you purchased, you may have to screw the top to the listings, or you may need to purchase double-sided tape to adhere the top. The intermediate listings require two screws (Philips-head type).

Attach the rear listing, which is located above the window (it can be attached to the rear top bow of the frame that holds the entire convertible top). Insert a plastic insert (which will come with your new convertible top) and fasten it to the rear base of the convertible top. Use double-sided adhesive tape to reinforce the screws. Reinsert the front- and rear-side weather strip retainers.

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