How to Install A Chevy 350 Oil Pump

by Cayden Conor

Installing a Chevy 350 oil pump requires removal of the engine in some applications. This is a job that will require at least two people, and one of them must be an experienced mechanic. If the oil is changed regularly, there should be no reason to change the oil pump for many miles. If you are having a problem with low oil pressure be sure to check for a clogged pick up, clogged oil runners or bad bearings. If the problem is within the bearings or for some other reason you need to remove the entire engine, the oil pump should be replaced whether it is bad or not.

Step 1

Remove the engine from the vehicle if you cannot get the oil pan off while in the car. When removing the fluids, use a separate catch pan for the antifreeze, as this cannot be mixed with the oil. Properly dispose of the fluids. Transfer the block to the engine stand.

Step 2

Remove the oil pan. Remove the oil pump pickup and the oil pump. The oil pickup is pressed onto the oil pump. The whole assembly can be removed by removing one or two bolts near the bottom of the oil pump (some cars have one bolt, some have two).

Step 3

Fit the new oil pickup to the new oil pump. Be sure to compare it to the old one. Do not push the oil pickup on to the oil pump. Put it on just enough so that it stays, but is still movable. Using a small hammer and chisel, tap the oil pickup into the housing, making sure that is exactly like the old one. If the oil pickup is not exact in its position, it may hit the bottom of the oil pan or it may not be low enough to pick up any oil.

Step 4

Prime the oil pump with STP. Pour the STP into the oil pump and spin the pump enough to get the inside lubricated, at least three to four complete spins. Make sure the oil pump drive rod has the metal or plastic end fitted properly on top of the oil pump, so that the oil pump rod does not bounce out.

Step 5

Insert the oil pump up into the engine block, making sure the rod fits into the base of the distributor properly. If the rod does not fit properly into the distributor, pull the oil pump down, and turn the oil pump rod just a little bit and try again. Keep trying until the top of the rod fits into the base of the distributor. You will know when you got it right, as you will then be able to bolt the oil pump to block.

Step 6

Bolt the oil pump to the block. Install the oil pan. Install all other parts in reverse order of removal.

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