How to Install a Chevrolet Blazer Fuel Pump

by Eli Laurens

Chevrolet Blazers use submerged fuel pumps that are mounted to the top of the fuel tank, making them a challenge to replace when they fail. Complete disconnection and removal of the fuel tank is required. The average backyard mechanic can replace the fuel pump in a Chevrolet Blazer in about three hours.

Disconnect the battery by turning the positive terminal counterclockwise.

Drain the fuel tank with a siphon, or a vacuum pump. Let the engine run the tank dry, if possible.

Lift the truck and place the frame rails onto jack stands by using the floor jack. Do not place the jack stands onto the suspension.

Remove the wiring harness connections to the fuel pump by pulling the adapter plug from the pump's electrical socket. Set the wires aside.

Remove the fuel and vacuum lines from the pump by pinching their hose clamps and pulling them from the pump's inlet nipples. They are sized for the particular nipple and do not need to be marked.

Remove the rear tank shield by turning the mount bolts counterclockwise. Once the final bolt is out, the shield will drop.

Remove the fuel tank by turning the mount bolts and filler neck screws counterclockwise, then levering the tank out with the floor jack. Maneuver the tank away from the truck so it can be worked on.

Remove the fuel pump from the top of the tank by turning the three mount screws counterclockwise, then pull the pump straight out.

Replace the pump with a new unit by sliding it back into the tank and tightening the three mount screws.

Place the fuel tank back into the truck by working it into position with the floor jack. Tighten the mount bolts and filler neck screws by turning them clockwise.

Replace the protective shield and tighten the mount bolts.

Restore the fuel and vacuum hoses by working them onto the correct nipple and tightening the hose clamps. Pinch the hose clamp, work it forward onto the nipple, then release it to secure the hose.

Replace the wiring harness adapter plug to the pump socket.

Lower the truck from the jack stands with the floor jack and reconnect the battery.


  • Check engine vacuum components when a Blazer fuel pumps fails without reason.


  • Use caution when working around fuel and electricity.

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