How to Install a CD Player Without the Harness

by Robert Good

Connecting the wires from the vehicle to the CD player without a wiring harness is simple. All you need do is strip each wire's end and connect it manually. The wires on the stereo and the vehicle are color-coded and easy to match up. Wire harnesses can be expensive, so you might actually save yourself some money connecting a CD player without one. You can buy the tools to complete this job at a car auto store for about $20.

Remove the dashboard retaining screws using the screwdriver and pull the dashboard from the frame. Insert the CD player into the mount to secure it in place.

Separate all wires on the rear of the CD player and the wires coming from the vehicle. Strip the ends of all wires using the wire stripper.

Connect each wire from the CD player to its color-matched one from the vehicle. Twist them together using your fingers and then twist a wire cap to seal the wires and ensure that wires don't touch.


  • close Disconnect the battery cables from the battery before you start so that you don't shock yourself or cause any short circuits.

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