How to Install a Cassette Player in Your Car

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Would you like to be able to listen to your favorite tapes whenever you like? If you install a cassette player in your car you will accomplish just that. These simple steps will make this task a breeze. Read on to learn how to install a cassette player in your car.

Take your cassette player out of its packaging and read the user manual. You may need to grab a few things such as a screwdriver to assemble small pieces or a soldering gun for a minor wire adjustment.

Remove the stereo face that is already in your dash. Some units have a button and others a sliding mechanism to come loose. Once you have accomplished this, take stock of your power, speaker and antenna wires.

Plug in the speaker wires into the corresponding positions on the cassette player face piece. Generally there will be a small diagram of a speaker and a capital "L" next to the hole the speaker wires plug into.

Insert the power wire and the antenna wire to the cassette player face piece. Once these wires are firmly connected, test the power of your device to make sure it is working.

Mount the cassette player into the dash in the original radio location. Every dash is a bit different in shape so adjustments may need to be made for some cassette players to fit.

Make sure the speakers are working and that the unit plays cassettes.


  • check If you get stuck during installation do not hesitate to call a tech support representative. They may be able to help.
  • check Whenever in doubt consult the manual. This should be your first stop for answers about your product.


  • close Make sure no wires are left loose or uncovered to prevent accidents.

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