How to Install Bi-Xenon HID Headlights

by Matt Scheer
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If you are dissatisfied with the brightness and quality of your headlights, you can upgrade them yourself to bi-xenon High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights. Bi-xenon HID headlights emit more light and last longer than the factory-installed halogen headlights standard on many vehicles. Bi-xenons differ from xenon bulbs in that the bi-xenon bulbs stay on when the high beam lights are turned on. In terms of installation, however, they are the same. Expect installation to take less than an hour.

Step 1

Turn off your vehicle. Prop open the hood with the hood support rod.

Step 2

Loosen the negative battery terminal nut with a crescent wrench. Lift the negative battery cable off the terminal and set aside. Wrap the end of the cable in painter's tape if you are afraid of an accidental reconnection while you are working.

Step 3

Remove the positive battery cable in the same way you just removed the negative battery cable. Connect the positive cable to the positive lead from the bi-xenon wiring harness by securing the two together with the battery terminal locking nut.

Step 4

Remove any nearby chassis bolt with a socket wrench. Insert the neck of the chassis bolt through the circular end of the negative lead on the bi-xenon wiring harness and tighten the chassis bolt back onto the chassis. This action grounds the bi-xenon headlight circuit.

Step 5

Run the cables from the bi-xenon wiring harness through the engine compartment to the passenger-side headlight assembly and the driver-side headlight assembly. Tie the cables to pipes and other cables in the engine compartment with zip ties.

Step 6

Mount one of the bi-xenon ballasts to the rear of the passenger-side headlight assembly. Mount the other bi-xenon ballast to the rear of the driver-side headlight assembly.

Step 7

Plug the passenger-side bi-xenon wiring harness power cable into the ballast on the passenger side. Do the same for the driver side.

Step 8

Press inward on the side tabs of the headlight wiring harness on the back of the headlight assembly and pull off the headlight wiring harness. Do this for both the passenger and driver side. Plug the headlight wiring harness into the bi-xenon ballast. Do this for both sides as well.

Step 9

Pull off the rubber shroud from the back of the headlight assembly. Disengage the metal retaining clip holding the current headlight in place. Pull out the headlight bulb. Insert the bi-xenon headlight bulb. Re-secure the metal retaining clip. Place the rubber shroud back on the headlight assembly. Do this for both assemblies.

Step 10

Plug the ballast into the socket on the back of the bi-xenon headlight bulb. Do this for both ballasts.

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