How to Charge a Car Battery From a Wall Outlet

by Ma Wen Jie
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To charge your car battery using a wall outlet, you will need a car battery charger. Although there are minor differences in how different car chargers work, the overall process is the same. Although you can charge your battery inside your car, if you live in an urban area and must remove the battery for charging, be sure to charge your battery either outdoors or in a garage on the off chance the battery overheats or explodes. Following proper safety procedures reduces the risk of explosion greatly.

Step 1

Add distilled water to the battery until the internal plates are covered. This isn't necessary in sealed, maintenance-free batteries. Be careful not to overfill the battery. Battery acid expands during charging.

Step 2

Remove any jewelry to reduce risk of arcing and burns in the event of a short circuit.

Step 3

Connect the red cable to the positive (+) pole on the battery. Wiggle the connector a few times to make sure it contacts the battery post securely.

Step 4

Connect the black cable to the negative (-) pole on the battery. Wiggle this connector to seat it properly against the post.

Step 5

Make sure that there is no gasoline or other flammable substances near the battery and charger. Make sure the battery and charger aren't resting on other flammable materials like rags or newspapers.

Step 6

Follow the instructions for your charger and plug it into the wall.

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