How to Install a Benwil Lift

by Andrew Latham
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Until the 1990s, Benwil lifts were the featured car lift for General Motors' and Chrysler's garage equipment program. Although Benwil is no longer in business, thousands of Benwil car lifts can be found throughout the United States. Benwil lifts are a popular and inexpensive option for car enthusiasts who want a quality car lift at an affordable price. Although spare parts are no longer available from Benwil, you can purchase parts from generic car-lift parts suppliers. Each of Benwil's 29 car lift models has its own installation instructions, but an overview of the set-up methods for the TP-7 model will provide you with a general guide you can apply to your particular installation.

Step 1

Assemble the lift arms. Insert the inner bar restraint into the arm rest. Insert the arm rest into the snap ring and bolt it with the arm lock fitting pin to the main lift arm. Introduce the inner slide arm into the long arm extension. Screw the steel support into the inner slide arm. Place the rubber arm pad on the steel support and attach it with four round-head screws.

Step 2

Erect the lift's columns. Attach the motor, valve parts, cables and pulleys. You will need two cables for each car lift model. Introduce the sheaf shaft into the column and connect it through the lift cables and into the cable sheave spacers.

Step 3

Assemble the column cylinder. Connect the chain wheel to the chain bracket with the chain wheel shaft, the snap ring and the roller assembly. Attach the chain fitting plate with the socket head cap bolt and cover the assembly with the cylinder seal panel.

Step 4

Connect the lift's three phase motor to the release valve and to the cylinder's chain wheel. Fix the lift arms to the cylinder carriage.

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