How to Install an Alternator on a Jeep Liberty

by Jody L. Campbell

Whether you have a 2.4 liter, a 3.7 liter or a 4.0 liter Jeep Liberty engine, the only difference between the alternators and how to install them is the location and how the belt routes around certain pulleys. If you need to replace the alternator and you've priced them out at the parts stores, you already know they're expensive. Replacing them isn't too terribly difficult provide you have some mechanical abilities and a few hand tools lying around the garage.

Step 1

Park the Jeep Liberty on a flat, level surface and remove the ignition keys.

Step 2

Disconnect the negative battery terminal with a hand wrench or ratchet and socket.

Step 3

Locate the drive belt routing diagram to locate the tensioner pulley. Once you've located it, place a wrench or socket into the insert of the pulley and turn it clockwise to release the tension on the drive belt. Remove the drive belt from the alternator pulley and allow the tensioner pulley to gently swing back. Hold the tension on the drive belt and wrap a bungee cord or mechanic's wire around it and support to something somewhere out of your working area for the alternator. This will keep the drive belt intact with the other pulleys so you won't have to reroute it.

Step 4

Remove the alternator pivot and mounting bolts with the ratchet and socket. Pivot the alternator to access the connected wires.

Step 5

Unsnap the plastic cover from the B+ terminal (it might also be a rubber cover; if so, peel it back and slide it down a little). Remove the nut from the B+ terminal cable and the wire beneath it connected with an electrical eyelet.

Step 6

Unplug the field wire connector at the bottom of the alternator. You have to push on the tab to release it.

Step 7

Remove the alternator. You might have to convince it free with the large straight-edged screwdriver.

Step 8

Install the new alternator reversing the procedures. Plug in the field wire, place the eyelet wire on the mounting stud, then the B+ cable and tighten the nut. Line the alternator back into position; again convincing it with the screwdriver may be helpful. Tighten the mounting and pivot bolts. Remove the bungee cord or wire from the drive belt and hold in one hand while placing the wrench or ratchet back on the tensioner pulley. Turn clockwise to relieve tension. Place the belt onto the alternator pulley. You should not have to force the belt. If the belt does not seem to fit, then check the nearby pulleys to see if it popped off track.

Step 9

Reattach the negative terminal to the battery and start the Jeep Liberty to test.

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