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How to install a Carburetor

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Installing a Carburetor is actually a lot simpler then you might think, infact it's about a 30 minute process. All of the information that I am giving you is straight from a mechanic of 17 years. These are the correct steps to installing a new carb,

Step 1

Fuel lines diagram

The very first thing to do is to disconnect you're battery and disconnect you're fuel lines at the carb, Disconnect throttle linkage (If it is an automatic) Note: **there arrangment** (Tip take a pic befor disconnecting if that will help you) be sure you know where to replace each one when you are done.

Step 2

Intake ports

Remove 4 Flange nut from carb, Lift carb from intake ***KEEP CARB LEVEL TO PREVENT SPILLING OF THE FUEL**** Place shop rags in the open intake ports (this is to ensure that nothing falls inside).

Step 3

Intake carb surface

Clean gasket surface

Step 4

Carb gasket

Clean gasket surface, Remove the shop rags from you're intake ports. Install you're new gasket per MFG Spec.

Step 5

Auto vacuum lines

Place carb correctly then replace Flange nuts, Tighten in a criss cross torque pattern applying only a little pressure at a time, Tighten to MFG Specs. Reinstall Vacuum lines, throttle linkage and fuel lines.

a cars ignition

The very last thing to reconnect is you're battery, Be sure that if you happen to of tilted the carb in the removal process that all spilt fuel is cleaned up befor you reconnect the battery. Once you have done all of this you are ready to star the car..


  • Disconnect you're battery before starting a job like this
  • Don't tip the carb
  • place shop rags in intake ports
  • Clean the gasket surface


  • When installing car parts always refer to MFG Specs and guidelines first.

Items you will need

  • New Carburetor
  • Shop rags
  • Tools

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