How to Adjust a ATV Carburetor

by Robert Good
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Every ATV carburetor is different. The only things that are the same on each ATV carburetor are the air valve adjustment screw and jet pins around the frame of the carburetor. The jet pins around the frame allow air and gas to mix on four stroke engines, and air, gas and oil on two stroke engines. The owner's manual will include tension specifications for your carburetor's jets and air valve. Use this chart to properly adjust the air valve and the jet pins for your type of riding.

Step 1

Turn the engine off if the engine is running and allow the engine to completely cool before you proceed, to avoid burning yourself. Locate the jet pins and the air valve adjustment screw. The jets are in plain sight around the frame of the carburetor and look like small gold pins. The air adjustment screw will be on the lower right or left side of the carburetor.

Step 2

Open the owner's manual and locate the carburetor jet adjustment chart. You must have the owner's manual with the chart because you will be adjusting the carburetor to your location's altitude. The engine will only run correctly if the jets are adjusted to the proper inlet.

Step 3

Tighten the jet pins using the screwdriver until they touch the frame of the carburetor. Do not over tighten the jet pins. Unscrew the pin slowly according to the amount of turn specified in the owner's manual. Adjust the air valve screw the same way.

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