How to Install a 700R4 Transmission

by Renee Booker

The 700R4 transmission is a three speed overdrive transmission manufactured by General Motors in various forms since 1966. Installing a 700R4 is a fairly complicated process that should ideally be performed by someone with automotive repair experience. The installation requires no special tools and can be completed in four to six hours. A partner can significantly reduce the install time.

Step 1

Apply a high temperature grease to the main drive gear bearing retainer and the splined portion of the main drive gear. This will aid when connecting the torque converter and flywheel by assuring the free movement of transmission components.

Step 2

Position the transmission against the rear of the engine. The torque converter and crankshaft output shaft must be mated as the bellhousing to engine block bolt holes are simultaneously aligned. Install and torque the bellhousing bolts to 55 foot pounds.

Step 3

Align the flywheel to torque converter bolt holes by rotating the flywheel. Install and torque the flywheel to converter bolts to 46 foot pounds. Install the transmission crossmember brace and torque both the crossmember and rear mount bolts to 35 foot pounds. Connect and adjust the shift linkage. There should be no slack in the linkage after adjustment. Install and torque the transmission shifter support attaching bolts to 25 foot pounds.

Step 4

Install the exhaust pipe brace. Connect the speedometer cable and tighten the integral nut with a flare nut wrench.

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