Infiniti G35 Coupe Problems

by Dennis Hartman
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The Infiniti G series has been produced intermittently since 1991 by the Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Company. Between 2003 and 2007, the G35 was offered as a two-door coupe to compliment the four-door G35 sedan. Some small changes were made to the G35 coupe for the 2005 model year, but otherwise it remained largely unchanged over its five year production run. Despite a strong reliability rating, the G35 coupe has been prone to certain problems that owners and potential buyers should be aware of.

Brake Problems

One of the most common cited problems with the G35 coupe involve the braking system. Owners have experienced brake pads that require frequently replacement, or begin to produce excessive noise even when they are far from worn down. This is partly due to when the G35 was altered for the 2005 model year, when larger brake discs and softer pads were used. This was done in response to customer complaints about brake noise, but resulted in a braking system that requires more frequent maintenance as the softer pads wear down more quickly.


Another common problem with the G35 coupe is its handling. While offered with an optional sport-tuned suspension, many G35 owners have had problems controlling the G35's ample power in winter conditions. This is due to the car's rear-wheel drive configuration. Some drivers have found snow tires somewhat effective in solving this problem. The G35 coupe used a standard brake assist system with anti-lock brakes but lacked any advanced system such as traction control or electronic stability control.

Safety Recalls

The G35 coupe has been involved in several safety-related recalls from Infiniti. One such recall occurred in 2002 when 36,000 vehicles were recalled because they did not contain tamper-proof headlamp covers. In 2003, 60,000 vehicles were recalled due to a faulty brake lamp switch that could prevent the stop lights from illuminating. A 2006 recall dealt with aftermarket headlights from AAI Motorsports that were installed on some 87,000 Nissan vehicles and lacked federally-mandated side reflectors.

Other Recalls

Other recalls of the G35 coupe were enacted to attend to mechanical issues that did not relate directly to vehicle safety. In 2002, 18,000 vehicles were recalled for a problem with fuel pump hoses especially prone to come loose and leak fuel. A 2003 recall that targeted 630,000 vehicles gave dealers a chance to replace faulty circuit boards that were likely to result in a "service engine soon" warning light. Nearly 200,000 vehicles were recalled in 2005 for replacement of fuel filler hoses that were found to be cracking.

General Problems

Another group of problems with the Infiniti G35 coupe involve general shortcomings as noted by drivers and automotive critics. The six-speed manual transmission available on later G35 coupe models was considered clunky and difficult to use.In addition, the interior of the car was the subject of some criticism. Interior controls could be challenging to learn how to operate and there was the added use of inferior construction materials. The G35 coupe has also bee cited for its lack of headroom, which was actually several inches less than that offered in the G35 sedan.

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