How to Increase Torque in a Car

by Megan Kelly
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In a car engine, torque is the measurement of the amount of force applied in an attempt to rotate an object. The force is applied to a lever arm, which is measured in Newton Metres. Torque itself is the product of the force applied and the measurable length of the lever arm. There are several ways you can modify your engine to increase the amount of torque in your engine.

Step 1

Install a performance air intake kit in your vehicle. These kits increase horsepower and torque which will also increase the fueled efficiency of your car. Cold air intake kits bring in colder air from the outside which provides your engine with more oxygen. Some cold air intake kits can provide your engine with up to 40 extra pounds of torque.

Step 2

Reduce friction with ring sets that are hand-fitted for endocarp clearance. When the ring sets are end-gapped too tightly, friction increases and reduces torque. Tight ring sets are also more likely to fail earlier than ring sets that are hand-fitted.

Step 3

Adjust your engine bearings so that they are align-honed. This will provide a set of bearing saddles that the crankshaft can rotate within. This will reduce friction and improve the torque of your engine.

Step 4

Shape the exhaust ports in the engine so that they are properly sized to provide efficient cylinder scavenging in the exhaust system. Enlarging exhaust ports is acceptable as long as the port near the valve remains untouched. Leaving the port near the valve untouched allows the engine to maintain high-exit velocity, minimizing reversion.

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