How to Increase Powerstroke Boost

by Jared Curtis

You can increase your Powerstroke boost by installing a boost builder. The boost builder is designed to replace the signal from the MAP sensor to allow the turbocharger to spin faster and longer, thus creating more boost. More boost will allow you to keep your exhaust gas temperatures much lower, and when towing a trailer up long and steep grades, the turbocharger will produce enough boost to keep the engine cool. Complete the installation using simple tools in about an hour.


Pull the hood release lever located on the drivers side of the dashboard to open the hood.


Locate the manifold absolute pressure or MAP sensor on the passenger side of the engine. It is a black connector that mounts onto a pedestal located on the engine, near the firewall of the vehicle.


Remove the connector from the mount by pressing the release tabs on each side of the connector while pulling it towards you. Plug the connector on the boost builder into the pedestal mount. Plug the opposite side of the boost builder connector into the MAP sensor you've just removed.


Locate the ECM inside the engine compartment, mounted to the drivers side fender near the firewall just below the brake booster. There are three electronic connectors on the ECM.


Route the yellow wire from the boost builder around the engine near the windshield, to the drivers side of the engine compartment, then to the ECM.


Unplug the rear most connector on the ECM by pressing the release tabs while pulling it towards you.


Locate the APPS Sensor 2 signal wire. On 2005-2007 Powerstrokes, the wire is white in color and is located on pin 37 in the connector. On 2003-2004 Powerstrokes, the wire is yellow and is located on pin 37 in the connector.


Thread the splice connector that came with the kit onto the yellow wire from the boost builder. Place the splice onto the appropriate wire on the connector and use a pair of pliers to crimp the wires together.

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