How to Increase Gas Mileage

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You may have noticed how expensive gasoline is these days. A few simple steps can improve your gas mileage, and free up more cash for the more important things in life - like ice cream. Follow these few steps to increase your gas mileage and ease your wallet.

Check your tire pressure. If it is too low, add air to bring tires to their recommended pressure.

Check your air filter. If it is dirty or old, replace it.

Run your car's air conditioner less.

Drive calmly. Avoid unnecessary acceleration and braking.

Plan more efficient routes if you drive in traffic.

Tune up your car if these steps do not improve your mileage.

Ask a mechanic to check the gap on your spark plugs. Adjust or replace as necessary.

Ask a mechanic to look for fouled fuel injectors. Replace them as necessary.


  • check Sport utility vehicles naturally have poor fuel efficiency, mainly due to their large size.
  • check If you cannot improve your car's gas mileage, seek ways to lower fuel consumption. When possible, walk, ride a bicycle, or form a carpool.
  • check Depending on your car's make and model, driving with the windows rolled down instead of running the air conditioning may cause increased drag, and therefore be less efficient than running the air conditioning with the windows up.


  • close If your gas mileage suddenly plummets, see a mechanic. Your car may have a serious problem.

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