How to Increase Horsepower in a Diesel Engine With Fuel Additives

by Luther Blissett

A number of different manufacturers produce fuel additives specifically designed to not only increase horsepower output in diesel engines, but also provide protection for many of the critical components within the engine, including the injectors. While fuel additives can help produce modest horsepower gains, significant horsepower gains can only be had with the installation of bolt-on upgrades or through the use of performance software programs that reprogram the vehicle's ECU software.


Ensure that the fuel additive is approved for use in the particular diesel engine. An example of an application bulletin is provided in the Resources section below.


Verify that the correct amount of fuel additive is purchased. For example, if the recommended ratio of additive to fuel is 1:500, four ounces of additive for every 15 gallons of diesel should be used.


Pour the fuel additive directly into the diesel fuel tank. Operate the vehicle as normal until all of the fuel has been used, allowing the additive to circulate within the diesel engine.

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