How to Improve Lexus RX 300 Gas Mileage

by Jerel Jacobs

The Lexus RX 300 is a small luxury SUV featuring all wheel drive and a powerful six cylinder engine. Due to its smaller size the RX 300 is near the top of its class when it comes to fuel economy. However, just like any other vehicle, there are things you can personally do to make sure that you are getting the maximum miles per gallon from your Lexus.

Step 1

Avoid hard acceleration. The Lexus RX300 features a powerful 6 cylinder engine and delivers good acceleration for a small SUV. However, driving in an overly aggressive manner will reduce fuel economy substantially.

Step 2

Drive the speed limit. Lexus is known for making smooth riding vehicles with excellent exterior noise reduction. Because of this, there is very little sensation of speed and it is easy to exceed the speed limit. With increased speed comes increased fuel consumption. To get the maximum miles per gallon, consider using the cruise control when possible.

Step 3

Make sure that the tires on your RX 300 are properly inflated. Consult your owners manual for the recommended inflation pressures and check your tires with a tire pressure gauge once per month. Driving on under inflated tires has been estimated to reduce fuel economy by as much as 10 percent. Additionally, driving with an under inflated tire(s) can strain the AWD system and further reducing gas mileage.

Step 4

Have your Lexus RX 300 serviced at the recommended intervals for your driving conditions. Consult your owner's manual for the maintenance schedule and adhere to it closely. Sticking to the manufacturer's suggested service intervals will keep your Lexus in prime condition and ensure that the engine runs efficiently, and thereby increasing gas mileage.

Step 5

Don't carry a lot of unneeded items. Because the RX 300 offers substantial storage capability, you may be tempted to carry around a lot of items. The combined weight of excess bags, luggage, and other items can add up, placing unnecessary load on the engine and reducing fuel economy.

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