How to Identify a Crane Cam

by Sameca Pandova
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Crane is a popular aftermarket producer of engine camshafts, which are used to actuate valves in engines. Camshafts vary based on the design and placement of lobes on the shaft, thus properly identifying a camshaft is critical to assure compatibility with your engine.

Step 1

Examine both ends of the camshaft. The end of the camshaft will be embossed with a two-digit engine prefix code, a grind number, and the series name of the camshaft. These three pieces of information will allow a consumer to identify the specifics of a given camshaft. Some Crane camshafts may have information on both ends of the camshaft.

Step 2

Using the information on the camshaft, look up the information in the Crane Cam Catalog. The catalog will list Crane cams by the series, prefix and grind. With this information you will be able to find the lift and duration parameters of the camshaft.

Step 3

Contact Crane Cams if the information on your camshaft does not match with any cam in the Crane Cam catalog. Crane has made many camshafts which are not listed in the current catalog. You can fax your camshaft information to a Crane performance consultant to obtain additional information at 386-258-6167.

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