Hyundai Elantra Fuel Pump Fuse Won't Start

by Ashton Daigle

The fuel pump on your Hyundai Elantra is powered by a fuse-like relay in your engine compartment. The fuel pump supplies fuel through your injectors to make your Elantra go. If your Elantra begins to run sluggishly or feels like it is running out of gas, it may be a sign your fuel pump is having problems. Before changing the fuel pump out, check the fuel pump relay, as it is a simple problem to fix.

Remove your Elantra's negative battery cable with a socket set.

Open your Elantra's main relay panel by hand. It is located next to the battery.

Remove your Elantra's fuel pump relay by hand. The exact relay placement inside the relay panel may vary with different year Elantra models. Check the placement of the relays against the relay diagram printed on the inside of your Elantra's relay panel cover and then remove that relay.

Plug your Elantra's replacement fuel pump relay in and place the panel cover back on.

Attach the negative battery cable back on your Elantra.

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