What Does Hybrid Mean on a Car?

by Alan Donahue

Many of the newest cars are being labeled as a "hybrid" car. If you are not sure what a hybrid means or advantages that comes with then you just need to look at the facts to get a better understanding of what you are getting into. Most hybrids are worth the value, but some merely use the name for an advantage.


The term hybrid means the use of two engines within the car. The first engine is a gas-powered engine and the second is an electric engine.


The gas-powered engine is used to charge the electric engine and battery packs stored in the trunk of the car. This means that the car never has to be plugged in.


With the use of the electric engine, many hybrid cars save money on gasoline because they perform better. Some cars have over 50 miles per gallon on average.


Some hybrid cars merely use the electric engine to increase speed and performance. This doesn't provide real benefit and you can get better mileage from standard gasoline vehicles.

Plug-In Hybrid

Newer hybrids are referred to as plug-in hybrids because along with the gas engine, they can be plugged in when not in use. This will cut down on gas and pollution in the environment.

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