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How to Replace the Water Pump in a Chevy Camaro

by ContributorUpdated November 07, 2017

How to Replace the Water Pump in a Chevy Camaro. A faulty water pump can cause some serious damage to the engine of your Chevrolet Camaro. The water pump is the heart of the cooling system, circulating the coolant. Make sure to change out a bad water pump to keep your engine running smoothly.

Remove the Old Pump

Remove the drain plug to the block coolant and the knock sensor. Place a drain pan underneath the radiator. When the engine is cool, drain the cooling system from the radiator into the pan.

Disconnect the negative battery cable.

Take apart the electrical connector from the cooling fan and disconnect the intake air temperature sensor electrical connector and the mass airflow sensor electrical connector.

Remove the air intake duct, the air cleaner assembly and both cooling fan assemblies.

Take apart the water pump, the inlet hose, the water outlet and the outlet hose.

Remove the air cleaner assembly, both cooling fan assemblies, the drive belt tensioner pulley and the drive belt.

Disconnect the inlet hose and the vent hose and the radiator.

Loosen and remove the water pump pulley and water pump bolts and remove both parts from the engine.

Attach the New Pump

Install the drain plug.

Put in the new water pump, equipped with a new gasket, tightening the bolts to 22 foot pounds on the year 2000 or higher and 18 foot pounds (25 Nm) on the 1999 models.

Reattach the water pump pulley, tightening the bolts to 18 foot pounds (25 Nm).

Reattach and reinstall all components in reverse order to their removal, tightening the belt tensioner pulley bolts to 37 foot pounds (50 Nm) and the air cleaner assembly bolts to 106 inch pounds (12 Nm).

Reattach the negative battery cable and refill the cooling system. Start the car and check for leaks when the engine reaches normal operating temperature.


Loud noises coming from the cooling system in your Chevrolet Camaro could be a sign that your water pump needs replacing. A leak in the coolant may also be an indicator. Disconnecting the negative battery cable may reset the on-board computer system or parts of the computer system, so be aware that you may have to reset certain settings.


Never attempt to drain the radiator when the engine in your Chevrolet Camaro is hot. The steam and the hot coolant within the radiator can cause serious burns. Never leave antifreeze open or in puddles. Cats and dogs are attracted to the ethylene glycol in the antifreeze and if they drink it, it can be fatal.

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