How to Replace the Intake Manifold on a Mustang

by Christell YorkUpdated November 07, 2017

Items you will need

  • Antifreeze

  • Screwdriver

  • Gasket scraper

  • Wrench

  • Intake manifold gaskets

  • Gasket sealer

The intake manifold supplies fuel and air mixtures to the cylinders for even distribution of the combustion mixture. Removing and replacing the intake manifold on your Mustang may be required to repair a variety of issues, including those associated with the cylinder heads. The one piece manifold allows for fewer issues than seen with removal of manifolds in other vehicles. Care must be taken when removing the manifold as the process can cause damage to other parts of the engine if not done properly.

Remove the drain bolt from the radiator and allow the fluid to drain from the radiator. The drain bolt is located at the bottom interior side of the radiator.

Remove the radiator hose by loosening the screw located on the clamp with the screwdriver. Disconnect the hose from the manifold.

Remove the bolts connected to the intake manifold using the wrench. Lift and remove the manifold once the screws are completely removed.

Scrape the gasket mating surface to remove the remaining remnants of the old gaskets using the gasket scraper after removing the old intake manifold gasket. The mating surface is where the manifold gaskets rest.

Install the manifold gaskets starting with the end gaskets. The end gaskets are made of cork and are shorter than the intake manifold gaskets. Coat one of the gasket sides with the gasket sealer and place the coated side down onto the engine block.

Coat the top of the two end gaskets with gasket sealer to seal them into place.

Install the remaining four gaskets onto the engine block using the gasket sealer. Place sealant on one side of each gasket and place it on the engine block and cover the top side with gasket sealer.

Place the intake manifold on top of the gasket seals making sure to take care so that the weight of the manifold does not cause the gaskets to slide out of place while being installed.

Reinstall the bolts for the manifold using the wrench.

Place the radiator hose back into place and tighten the clamp back into place using the screwdriver.

Replace the radiator drain bolt and tighten with the wrench.

Remove the radiator cap and fill the radiator with antifreeze. Replace the cap when finished.

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