How to Replace the Fuel Pump in a Ford Expedition

by Allen MooreUpdated November 07, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Battery wrench

  • Floor jack

  • Socket set

  • Rag

  • Screwdriver

  • Rubber mallet

The fuel pump in a Ford Expedition moves the gasoline from the tank, up through the fuel lines, through the fuel filter and on to the fuel rail where it reaches the fuel injectors. Without the pump, which is the heart of the fuel system, everything else in the system cannot function. If your Expedition suffers a fuel pump failure, you can replace the pump yourself if you possess basic automotive repair skills and a few hours of free time.

Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable using the battery wrench. Push the cable end over so it cannot contact the battery terminal during the rest of the procedure.

Roll the floor jack under the rear of the Expedition and center it under the gas tank. Lift the jack head up until it touches the bottom of the tank.

Unbolt the gas tank retaining straps using the socket set. Lower the tank several inches until you can reach your arm between the tank and the bottom of the Expedition.

Disconnect the fuel pump wiring and fuel lines from the fuel pump by hand. The pump is in the top-center of the gas tank. Disconnect the fuel filler neck from the tank also using the screwdriver.

Lower the gas tank down using the floor jack, making sure to keep it level. Roll the tank out from under the Expedition and set it on the ground.

Wrap the rag around the tip of the screwdriver, place the tip against the fuel pump retaining ring and tap the handle of the screwdriver with the rubber mallet until the retaining ring turns loose. You’ll want to turn the ring counterclockwise.

Lift the old fuel pump up and out of the gas tank. Lower the new pump down into the tank, making sure to position the fuel level float in such a way that it does not contact the side of the tank. Tighten the retaining ring in reverse of how you removed it.

Place the gas tank back onto the floor jack, roll it back under the Expedition and then raise it back into position. Reconnect the fuel pump wiring harness, fuel lines and fuel filler neck before raising the tank to the full height.

Bolt the gas tank retaining straps back into position with the socket set. Roll the floor jack out from under the Expedition and then reconnect the negative battery cable to the battery.


Never work on a fuel system while smoking or around open flames.

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