How to Replace a Window in Vehicles

by Contributing Writer; Updated June 12, 2017

The Vehicles is the smallest Vehicles in Vehicles light-duty fleet. Since its introduction, the Vehicles has seen multiple reincarnations, but overall has remained true to its roots as a small pickup Vehicles those who need a Vehicles but do not want the size and maintenance that come with the Vehicles larger siblings. The Vehicles two-door standard cab has a side window in each door. In the event that the window glass becomes damaged and needs replacement, this job can be performed in a few hours or less.

Under The Hood:

 How to Replace a Window in a Pickup

Remove the door panel. There are typically several screws underneath the armrest and one inside the door handle. Once removed, the panel can be pulled free of the plastic pop rivets holding it in place.

Locate the glass being held by the window regulator. The mechanical assembly that is used to raise and lower the window is collectively called a window regulator, and this standardized part can be replaced entirely or be repaired. The window glass itself is held in place with the "rails", or tracks that keep the glass centered when in motion. Some models of pickups will have small holes in the bottom of the glass for connecting it to the regulator, but this is rare.

Remove the glass from the window regulator. There are clips that hold the glass to the rails, and these can be metal or plastic. Removing these with a screwdriver will free the glass, and it can be removed.

Replace the glass into the regulator. The glass will slide into place, and can be held with the plastic or metal clips that were re-used from the old window. Test the movement of the glass, and be sure it operates properly.

Items you will need

  • Socket set

  • Screwdrivers

 How to Replace the Window in the Pontiac Vibe

Roll the window down. Remove the window control. The easiest way is to work a cloth back and forth behind a manual crank to dislodge its clip, or to pry out the power switch and disconnect the electrical connector.

Pry the mirror trim cover off with a small flat screwdriver -- remove the manual handle with a Philips screwdriver first if needed -- and pry out the screw cover within the inner door handle.

Unscrew the door panel screws and then pry the panel off its clips with the trim stick or flat screwdriver. Lift the panel off the door, disconnect its electrical connectors and peel off the watershield.

Drill out the three rivets for the black door access plate and remove the plate.

Remove the mounting bolts for the window glass with a wrench and pull the glass up.

Lower the new glass into the door and fasten it within the door with its bolts.

Reconnect the door access plate, securing it with either rivets and a rivet gun or sheetmetal screws.

Reconnect the door trim panel with its clips and screws, then reconnect the trim panels and window controls.

Items you will need

  • Cloth

  • Trim stick

  • Philips screwdriver

  • Flat screwdriver

  • Drill and bit

  • Wrench

  • Window glass

  • Rivets

  • Rivet gun

  • Sheetmetal screws

 How to Replace the Window in a Mercury Sable

Tape the window in place by running a foot-long section of clear packing tape from the outside of the window glass, up over the door frame and down onto the inside of the window glass. This will prevent the glass from moving on its own.

Remove the fasteners from the door panel using the socket set.

Insert the trim pin removal tool under the bottom, trailing edge of the door panel and unseat the trim pin located there. Continue to unseat the trim pins across the bottom of the door panel until you have dislodged them all.

Lift the door panel upward far enough to slip your hand between it and the door so that you can disconnect the wiring harness connector from the power window and lock switches. You may need a pocket screwdriver to unclip the harness connector from the switch. Once that is done, move the door panel out of the way.

Shine the flashlight into the door and locate the glass mounts bolted to the top of the window regulator.

Use the socket set to unbolt the mounts from the window regulator.

Remove the tape from the window glass carefully and lower the glass into the door from the outside until you can raise it back up and pull it out of the window frame. This may require titling the glass toward the front of the Sable. Be careful, as the glass can shatter easily.

Insert the new glass in the reverse order of how you removed the old glass. Once it is in the door, raise it up to the top and tape it in place in the same manner you taped the old glass in step one.

Bolt the window regulator to the new glass mounts with the socket set.

Reinstall the door panel in the reverse manner of how you removed it. Do not forget to reconnect the lock and window switch wiring harness.

Remove the tape from the glass and clean the glass with the glass cleaner and rag.

Items you will need

  • Clear packing tape

  • Socket set

  • Trim pin removal tool

  • Pocket screwdriver

  • Flashlight

  • Glass cleaner and rag

 How to Replace a Window in a Jeep Cherokee

Disconnect the negative (black) power cable from the vehicle battery using a wrench.

Remove the armrest and door handle assemblies using a screwdriver. Place aside with loose screws.

Insert a flat-head screwdriver between the door trim panel and the door. Pry the door off by disengaging the plastic retainers with the screwdriver. Work around the outer edges until the panel is free and set aside.

Manually lower the window glass by pushing downward little by little.

Remove the glass channel (piece of metal that separates the main side window from the small triangular window vent piece) bottom screw using a Torx head screwdriver.

Remove the two vent window frame screws using a screwdriver. They are located at the bottom of the vent window. Tilt the vent window back towards you and remove it.

Remove the door glass retaining stud nut and spring washer using a wrench. The stud nut is actually attached to the window. Once the stud nut is removed, pull the window glass up and out of the door.

Install new replacement glass and securely tighten the stud nut with a wrench.

Replace the vent window and tighten the vent window frame screws using a screwdriver.

Replace the glass channel into place and tighten bottom screw using a Torx head screwdriver.

Replace the door trim panel by popping back onto plastic fasteners and tightening the screws with a screwdriver.

Replace the negative (black) power cable on the vehicle battery and tighten with a wrench.

Items you will need

  • Wrench

  • Screwdriver

  • Torx head screwdriver

  • Replacement window

 How to Replace a Window in a Ford Ranger

Roll the window down into the door and use the screwdrivers to remove the window wipes that are screwed into the door. You will need to access the screws through the window channel. Move the window back to the fully upright position after both wipes are out of the door. These are usually Phillips head screws, but some are tricky to reach, in which case you may need to start the screws with the flat head screwdriver.

Stick a piece of clear packing tape to the outside of the existing glass, run it up over the top of the door frame and back down onto the glass on the inside. Make sure you have 4 inches of tape attached to the glass on both sides. This will prevent the glass from moving when you detach the bottom of it from the mounts.

Remove the fasteners from the door panel using the socket set. Once they are removed, use the trim pin removal tool to detach the door panel from the door by inserting the tool into the bottom trailing edge of the panel and removing the trim pin in that location from its seat. Repeat this until all the trim pins are removed.

Lift the door panel up and away from the door. You will need to unplug the wiring harness going to the window and lock switches once the panel is off the door before you can set the panel aside. Be careful not to yank on the wiring harness.

Shine a flashlight into the door so you can locate the window regulator tabs that connect to the bottom of the window glass. Use the socket set to disconnect these tabs.

Remove the packing tape carefully from the glass, while supporting it, to prevent the glass from falling into the door. Once the tape is removed, slide the glass down a few inches until you can grasp the top of it. Tilt the glass toward the front of the Ranger and lift it up and out of the door. You will need to pull it out of the door from outside the Ranger.

Set the old glass aside then take the new glass, and place it back into the door in the opposite manner in which you removed the old glass. Once the new glass is in place, use the packing tape to hold it up then attach the window regulator tabs to the new glass.

Reinstall the door panel after reconnecting the wiring harness. Use the side of your fist to tap the trim pins back into their seats then reinstall the fasteners that hold the door panel in place.

Remove the packing tape, lower the window into the door and reinstall the window wipes. Clean the window with glass cleaner and rags.

Items you will need

  • Flat head screwdriver

  • Phillips head screwdriver

  • Clear packing tape

  • Socket set

  • Trim pin removal tool

  • Flashlight

  • Replacement glass

  • Glass cleaner

  • Shop rags

 How to Replace the Window in a Chevy Tahoe Door

Open the door, place the blade of the screwdriver behind the lock switch on the door panel and pop it out of the door panel. Repeat this process for the trim panel around the power window switches and the interior door handle, pulling both of those pieces off of the door.

Unbolt the door panel from the door using the 3/8-inch ratchet and socket. There are bolts behind the door lock and in the corners of the panel. If this is a front-door panel, pull off the triangular panel that covers the mirror bolts using your hands. Then lift the door panel up towards the top of the door, and then pull it off the door.

Plug in the window switches again to the harness on the door. Roll the window down halfway until you can see the bolts that clamp the window in place through the access holes. There are two 10mm bolts that clamp the window to the window track, and there are access holes that allow you to unbolt those clamps using a 3/8-inch ratchet and socket. Unbolt the clamps at this point.

Pull up the rear of the window--the section toward the back of the Tahoe--and tilt the window up so that it is oriented perpendicular to its normal position. Pull the window out of the door panel, tilting it in towards the interior of the vehicle.

Slide the replacement window in place in the same manner you pulled out the stock window. Tilt the window back into the clamps, then loosely tighten the clamps in place. Roll the window up and down a few times to make sure it fits correctly, then tighten down the clamps on the window using the 3/8-inch ratchet and socket.

Reassemble the door panel in the reverse order of disassembly.

Items you will need

  • Flat-head screwdriver

  • 3/8-inch ratchet and socket

  • Replacement window

 How to Replace a Window on a Truck Shell

Truck or camper shells are fixed over truck beds for privacy purposes or even to give travelers somewhere to sleep. Your camper shell window may crack over time. You can easily remove it and install a new one by following simple do-it-yourself procedures. Replace your truck shell window with a partner to avoid breaking of the new window.

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver

  • Putty knife

  • Putty tape 

  • Replacement window

  • Silicone caulk       

Take measurements.

Identify the size of your window and purchase a replacement window from an auto parts store. Buy exactly the same size. You can also ask for a frame kit that will contain the tools needed to replace your truck shell window. You can find the different types of truck shell windows from this website.

Check for the presence of a screen.

Examine your truck shell window from the inside for a screen. If it is present, use your fingers to pry it out starting at the corners. Pull it out once it is free.

Remove the screws.

If needed, use your screwdriver to remove the screws holding the window in place. There may be several screws, so take your time removing them being careful not to drop your window. Have an assistant on the other side to avoid dropping the window. Remove the window from the frame of your truck shell once all of the screws are out.

Scrape off old sealant.

Use the putty knife to remove any old sealant or caulking that may be present on your window frame.

Place the putty tape.

Acquire putty tape from your nearest hardware store under the windows, moldings, vents and doors section. Fasten it to the inner frame of the opening of your window.

Insert your new window.

Carefully place your replacement window inside the opening of the frame. Let your assistant stand outside and hold the window as you install it. Cautiously insert the screws, if needed, as you work the window into place.

Apply silicone caulk.

Bolster the frame of your window frame with a fine film of silicone caulk. Give the silicone caulk 24 hours to set fully.

Replace the screen.

Do not forget to place the screen onto the frame of the truck shell window.

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