How to Remove the Radio from a Chevy Express Van

by Nichole LiandiUpdated September 19, 2017

Items you will need

  • No tools required

  • Chevy Express Van

Chevrolet Express Vans are full-sized vans, well-suited to carrying a large number of passengers or for use as utility vehicles for tradesmen and delivery businesses. Most new models will come equipped with a factory-installed radio. If you're interested in installing a new after-market radio, the first step is to remove the existing radio. Then you'll have a spot to install a new radio into, as well as access to all the necessary wiring.

Remove any media you may have in the existing radio, like cassette tapes or CDs. Set the parking brake, and turn off the ignition to the van.

Pull away the small trim-panel that's located underneath the steering column. Simply grab the backside of the panel and pull firmly away from the dashboard.

Pull around the edges of the instrument trim panel that surrounds the factory radio and instrument panels. As you pull, retaining clips will release. When all the clips have released, move the panel forward far enough to disconnect the electrical connectors plugged into the back. Then continue pulling the panel away from the dash and over the steering wheel until it's clear.

Push down on the two white plastic tabs on either side of the factory radio and pull the radio towards you. The radio will slide out from the cavity in the dash.

When the radio is clear of the dashboard, unplug the connectors on the back and you've completed removing the radio.

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