How to Remove Scratches From ATV Plastic

by Quinn MarshallUpdated October 25, 2017

Items you will need

  • ATV

  • Socket tool set

  • Electric handheld buffer

  • Plastic spray paint

  • Plastic filler

  • Floor wax

  • Cheesecloth

ATVs, also known as all terrain vehicles, are prone to getting scratches. These scratches reduce the value of the vehicle and can make it difficult to sell for a reasonable price. The solution is to either replace the plastic fenders or to repair the scratches yourself. Repairing the scratches is cheaper and the results look like new.

Remove the scratched plastic from the ATV using a socket set. Some vehicles require screwdrivers instead. The bolts will be located along the edges of the plastic. Find a socket that fits the bolt snugly. Place the socket on a wrench and turn the bolt counter-clockwise until it is removed. Repeat until all the bolts are removed.

Place the removed plastic onto a work table and wash any debris off it using warm water and dish soap. Dry it thoroughly.

Fill the scratches with plastic filler. Use a gloved finger to smooth the filler so it is even with the rest of the plastic. Once all the scratches are filled, leave the fender to dry all night. The filler should be completely hard before continuing.

Use the electric buffer to smooth any bumps or rivets on the dried plastic filler. The filler should be completely even with the plastic. If needed, repeat the filler process until the scratch is no longer present.

Paint the fender using spray paint intended for plastics. Stand 4 feet away from the plastic and spray it evenly using sweeping motions. Depending on the paint, three to five coatings will be required. Allow each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next.

Apply floor wax and rub it evenly over the fender with a cheesecloth. Once the wax is evenly applied, use the electric buffer with a soft attachment to polish the plastic. Move the buffer in circular motions and use it on a low-speed setting.

Attach the fender back to the ATV using the bolts you removed and the wrench. Tighten them by turning the wrench clockwise. Be sure all the bolts are used or the fender may come loose during use.


Place the plastic in a dust-free and warm location when drying. Plastic filler can be purchased at any hardware store and most ATV stores.


Be sure to wear eye protection when using the buffer. Only use paint intended for plastics or the fender will be ruined.

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