How to Change the Timing Chain on a 1988 Toyota 22RE

by James MarshallUpdated November 07, 2017

Items you will need

  • Socket wrench set

  • Gear puller for crankshaft pulley

  • Gear puller for crankshaft sprocket

  • Torque wrench

  • Gasket sealer

  • Engine oil

The 22RE engine is a four-cylinder 2.4-liter engine that Toyota manufactured from 1983 to 1995. It appears in a variety of Toyota vehicles during this period, such as the Toyota Pickup. The 22RE has a single overhead camshaft, and uses a timing chain to connect the crankshaft with the camshaft. The procedure for replacing the timing chain for a 22RE is generally the same for all vehicles from 1983 to 1988.

Disconnect the cylinder head with a socket wrench. Drain the coolant from the radiator, and store it for later use. Remove the radiator from the vehicle.

Remove the alternator from the engine with a socket wrench. Disconnect the oil pan. Remove the mounting bolts, drive belt and hoses from the air pump, if your vehicle is so equipped. Disconnect the air pump and its bracket from the engine.

Disconnect the water pump assembly and cooling fan from the vehicle with a socket wrench. Remove the mounting bolt for the crankshaft pulley, and detach the pulley with a gear puller.

Disconnect the water bypass line and the fan belt adjusting bar. Detach the outlet line from the heater. Remove the mounting bolts for the timing chain cover with a socket wrench, and disconnect the cover.

Detach the timing chain from the damper of the camshaft, and detach the timing chain from the camshaft sprocket. Remove the camshaft sprocket from the camshaft. Pull the crankshaft sprocket from the crankshaft. Disconnect the spline for the oil pump from the crankshaft.

Rotate the crankshaft clockwise until the key on the crankshaft points straight up, and mount the crankshaft sprocket onto the crankshaft. Place the new timing chain on the crankshaft sprocket, and align the single bright link on the timing chain with the crankshaft sprocket's timing mark.

Place the timing chain on the camshaft sprocket. Mount the camshaft sprocket to the camshaft so that the camshaft's timing mark is between the two bright links on the timing chain.

Install the oil pump spline to the crankshaft. Mount the timing chain gasket to the engine block, and take up the slack in the timing chain by turning the camshaft sprocket counterclockwise with a socket wrench.

Connect the timing chain cover, and use a torque wrench to tighten the 8mm bolts to 9 foot-pounds. Torque the 10mm mounting bolts to 29 foot-pounds. Coat the gaskets for the timing chain cover and oil pan with sealer. Connect the fan belt adjusting bar, and tighten its bolt to 9 foot-pounds.

Attach the water bypass line. Mount the pulley onto the crankshaft, and tighten the mounting bolt. Connect the water pump and compressor for the air conditioner with a socket wrench. Install the oil pan, radiator and cylinder head in that order.

Replace the oil and coolant to their proper levels. Start the vehicle and check for fluid leaks.

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